Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Waist Beads?

The history and practice of waist beads traces back centuries ago from tribes in Africa, specifically the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. Waist beads have been worn for spiritual purposes, rites of passage, to bring awareness to your body, and/or weight management (loss/gain) and/or body shaping. Typically, when beads roll up, it signifies weight gain and when they drop lower than where they were sitting, it represents weight loss. This aids as a simple method of monitoring your weight without a scale, for those who aren't too fond of those numbers. Traditionally, waist beads are worn under the clothing, which many still practice this sacredness. It has also been said that waist beads provide protection and fertility and even sometimes birth control (sis, please do your research on this, as this is an ongoing study and we are not sure how accurate this is).

What are reasons Waist Beads are worn?

As a rites of passage for our young ladies transitioning to womanhood

To remind us to embrace the skin we're in

Weight management (loss/gain)

To help improve our posture

Mindfulness and Intentional living

'Cause that's yo' business

How do I measure myself?

  1. Using a tape measure, jump rope or elastic material and a ruler. If you do not have a tape measure, you can download and print your own printable paper tape measure: 

  2. Remove any clothing in the area that your waist beads would fall.

  3. Measure where you want your beads to sit (waistline, high hip, hip). 

  4. Be sure to stand up straight when measuring. *Be sure you are not holding your tummy in, take a deep breath and exhale, then measure*

  5. Read the tape (be sure it's in inches). Start at 0" and stretch to meet the other end of the tape measure. The meeting point is the size of your waist measurement.

  6. You can always remeasure for accuracy.

For measuring the waistline - Measure the smallest part of your waist 

For measuring the high hip - Measure two fingers below your navel 

For measuring the hip - Measure the smallest part of your hip


Where Should My Waist Beads Fall? 

Your waist beads can sit wherever you are comfortable with them falling. There is no right or wrong way. Just make sure it's somewhere comfortable for you!

How do I tie my Waist Beads?

*Make sure you have clean, dry hands, scissors and a small bowl to catch the beads. Be sure to set the vibe; play some music, light your candles/incense/sage. Love on your stomach and waist. Set your intentions and be clear.*

  1. Pull the slip knot from the end of the waist bead. *Each end has an anchor bead. Do NOT cut this bead until strand is completely tied in place.
  2. Grab one end of strand in each hand. Bring around the back of your body like a belt.
  3. Pull on anchor bead until it loosens. This allows for beads to slide towards the anchor beads. (They will not slide off)
  4.  Place strand on belly/hips at your preferred location
  5. Be sure to push back from anchor beads so that there are no gaps. You DON'T want any gaps.
  6. Cross strand to close waist beads around your body.
  7. Pull top strand under and through in order to tie the first knot. Hold excess beads up so they fall towards the knot.
  8. Grab your bowl and using scissors, cut just above the anchor beads so they fall into the bowl; allow excess beads to fall into the bowl as well.
  9. You will have 4 separate strings. Tie each of these together (2 at a time). Switch them around so you're tying different string to each other. After you have successfully tied them (about 6-8 times), do a final tie with all of them and cut the extra string.
  10. Roll the small string between your index and thumb.
  11. Embrace and love on your body with your waist beads on.

Can Waist Beads be worn at all times?

Yes! Traditional Waist Beads can be worn at all times, working out, bathing, expecting bellies, on the beach, under your elegant gowns, you name it.

Elastic Waist Beads can also be worn all of the time, however, it is convenient for easy removal.

What is the difference between traditional (non-stretch) and elastic (stretch) strands?


  • durable
  • traditional way to wear waist beads
  • ideal for one who doesn't desire to remove their waist beads
  • tie comfortably because if too tight, they will be uncomfortable and will pop
  • must cut to be taken off


  • durable
  • easily removable
  • ideal for one who enjoys switching it up and likes to remove their waist beads 
  • tolerant of belly growth
  • can be weighed down by heavy beads and/or crystals

How long do Waist Beads last?

Historically, it has been said once your traditional waist beads pop or break, they have served their spiritual purpose. Depending on the upkeep and care of your sets will determine the longevity of each strand. Please keep in mind that waist beads can also break due to normal wear and tear, weight gain or excessive tugging.  

Help! How can I use colors and crystals to help align my intentions with Waist Beads?

 Sis, this is a loaded question, so let's break it down a little bit. 

Healing crystals have so many levels to them. On a basic level, crystal healing can provide or help increase a positive flow of energy by decreasing negative energy from the body and the environment around you. Being able to understand how they connect to your vibration and energy and aid with balance and alignment. Some common healing crystals include but are not limited to:

  • Amethyst - Emotional balance, protection and confidence 
  • Aquamarine - Courage, self-expression, calms the mind
  • Citrine - Abundance, creativity and power 
  • Onyx - Assist with grounding and facing shadows
  • Quartz - Harmonizes and balances
  • Rose Quartz - Relationship love, self-love and appreciation
  • Tiger's Eye -  Stimulates taking action and clear decision-making

These among many other healing crystals can be added to your waist bead set to assist in being more intentional with personal goals, whether that be physical body, mind or spirit.

Colors are associated and linked to Charkas and their affirmations:

Root Chakra (Red) - Survival, Being, Family (I am)

Sacral Plexus Chakra (Orange) - Sexuality, Creativity (I Feel)

Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow) - Self-esteem, Power (I Can)

Heart Chakra (Green) - Love, Compassion (I Love)

Throat Chakra (Light Blue) - Communication (I Speak)

Third Eye Chakra (Indigo) - Intuition (I See)

Crown Chaka (Purple, White, Gold) - Spirituality (I know)

By @kemeticscience | Black girl yoga, Black girl art, Black women art

When we get in touch with the energy within our chakras, we connect with ourselves fully and learn how to handle ourselves on all levels. Because waist beads sit between the Sacral Plexus Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra, they have a direct correlation with how energy is transferred into self, therefore being more intentional with healing of the mind, body and spirit.

What is Numerology and how is it used with Waist Beads?

Numerology is the study of numbers pertaining to your life that helps break down an understanding of self and unravel mysteries of the future, similar to what has been done to astrology. 

The practice of numerology is based on the Pythagorean system of 1 through 9. To gather this information your full legal name and date of birth will need to be provided. We analyze the Life Path Number, which provides a general overview of the personal traits that will guide you through life, opportunities and challenges you may encounter and strengths and areas of growth; Destiny Number, which shows destiny and life purpose based on personality and potential; Karmic Number, which displays where faults lie and where you can work on yourself to enhance your soul's progress in this lifetime.

When doing Numerology Waist Beads, the only colors used are based off of final Life Path number, Destiny number and karmic number. See color code chart below.

Number  Color Vibrational Energy
1 Light Green The Physical Body
2 Dark Green The Emotions
3 Pink Creativity
4 Black The Material World
5 Yellow Intellect
6 Brown Effectiveness
7 Blue Communication
8 Purple Spirituality
9 White Higher Spirit