Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have customer service hours?

Customer Service hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 10AM-5PM (MST). We try to be respond to all questions/concerns within 24 hours. 

Are there 'in-person shopping' options available?

Yes, please visit this link to set up an appointment for in-person shopping.

I received my online order, can you help me tie my Waist Beads on?

Of course! If you are local to the Denver area, you can book a time to come by and have your Waist Beads tied on. If you are not local, you can set up a Tying Consultation, where we will get on a video chat and I can walk you through tying your waist beads. Click the link below to find an available time. 

Do you participate in pop-up shops? 

Yes, depending on the season and availability. To stay updated on events, please follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram, Be You Waist Beads.

Are you available for Private Events? Ladies Night?

Absolutely! Waist Bead gatherings are a favorite of mine. This option is available if you are hosting a gathering at your home or other space with your village of 7 people or less. Chontavia will come and set up waist beads for a personable shopping experience. During this time, we will go over the history of waist beads, why they are worn, tying ceremonies for each person and we can address any other questions at that time. With private events, they must be booked 2-3 weeks (14-21 days) in advance. Gatherings can be booked for 3 hours. To check availability, please visit this link 

Shipping + Pick-Ups

How do I track my order?

Once your order is ready to be shipped, you will receive an email with a United States Postal Service (USPS) tracking number in which you will be able to keep track of your order.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

Orders typically ship 2-3 weeks (14-21 business days) after purchase. We ship via USPS.

If I selected Pick-up, how do I go about picking up my order?

Once your order is ready to be picked up, you will receive an email that will have further details on picking up your order.

Where do you ship?

Currently, we ship only within the United States.

I have not received my order, even though the tracking says shipped. What do I do now?

Once the item has been shipped, it is no longer in our hands. You will need to contact USPS with the tracking number provided to get more information.

Can you reship my order? Tracking says delivered but I did not receive it. 

If tracking says it has been delivered but you have not received anything, be sure to reach out to USPS to file a claim. Be You Waist Beads is not responsible for lost or missing packages.

Refunds + Exchanges

What is your Refund policy?


What is your Exchange policy?

We are unable to process exchanges at this time.

"... My item broke, can you make me another one since I didn't wear it that long?"

Unfortunately, once the item is shipped or tied on it is not longer in our hands. Be You Waist Beads, hand makes every item within our store. It takes time and material to craft all orders; we cannot remake the item. You will have to place another order.

All Things Waist Beads

History of Waist Beads

The history and practice of waist beads traces back centuries ago from tribes in Africa, specifically the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. Waist beads have been worn for spiritual purposes, rites of passage, mindfulness (bringing awareness to your mind, body and spirit) and/or weight management (gain/loss) and/or body shaping. Typically, when beads roll up, it signifies bloating or weight gain and when they drop lower than where they were sitting, it represents weight loss. Waist Beads aids as a simple method of monitoring your weight without a scale, for those who aren't too fond of those numbers (ME!). Traditionally, Waist Beads are worn under the clothing, in which many women still practice this sacredness. Also, it has been said that Waist Beads can provide protection and aid in fertility for those trying to conceive.

Ordering Waist Beads

How do I measure myself?

  1. Using a tape measure, jump rope or elastic material and a ruler. If you do not have a tape measure, you can download and print your own printable paper tape measure: 

  2. Remove any clothing in the area that your waist beads will fall.

  3. Measure where you want your beads to sit (waistline, high hip, hip). 

  4. Be sure to stand up straight when measuring. *Be sure you are not holding your tummy in, take a deep breath and exhale, then measure*

  5. Read the tape (be sure it's in inches). Start at 0" and stretch to meet the other end of the tape measure. The meeting point is the size of your waist measurement.

  6. You can always remeasure for accuracy.

For measuring the waistline - Measure the smallest part of your waist 

For measuring the high hip - Measure two fingers below your navel 

For measuring the hip - Measure the smallest part of your hip

Where Should My Waist Beads Fall? 

Your waist beads can sit wherever you are comfortable. There is no right or wrong way. Just make sure it's somewhere comfortable for you!

How do I tie my Waist Beads?

*Make sure you have clean, dry hands, scissors and a small bowl to catch the beads. Set the mood; vibe out to some music, light your candles/incense/sage. Love on your stomach and waist. Set your intentions and be clear.*

  1. Grab one end of strand in each hand. Bring around the back of your body like a belt. *Each end has an anchor bead. Do NOT cut this bead until strand is completely tied in place.*
  2. Pull on anchor bead until it loosens. This allows for beads to slide towards the anchor beads, don't worry the beads wont slide off.
  3.  Place strand on belly/hips at your preferred location
  4. Be sure to push beads back from anchor beads so that there are no gaps. You DON'T want any gaps.
  5. Cross strings to close waist bead around your body.
  6. Slowly pull top string under and through in order to tie the first knot. Hold excess beads up so they fall towards the knot.
  7. Grab your bowl and using scissors, cut just above the anchor beads so they fall into the bowl; allow excess beads to fall into the bowl as well.
  8. You will have 4 separate strings. Tie each of these together (2 at a time). Switch them around so you're tying different string to each other. After you have successfully tied them (about 6-8 times), do a final tie with all of them and cut the extra string.
  9. Roll the small string between your index and thumb.
  10. Embrace and love on your body with your waist beads on!

Can Waist Beads be worn at all times?

Yes! Traditional Waist Beads can be worn at all times, working out, bathing, expecting mamas, on the beach, under your elegant gowns, you name it.

Elastic Waist Beads can also be worn all of the time, however, convenient for easy removal.

What is the difference between Traditional (non-stretch) and Elastic (stretch) strands?


  • Traditional way to wear waist beads
  • Ideal for one who doesn't desire to remove their waist beads
  • Tie comfortably because if too tight, they will be uncomfortable and will pop
  • Must cut to be taken off
  • Durable


  • Easily removable
  • Ideal for one who enjoys switching it up and likes to remove their waist beads
  • Tolerant of belly growth
  • Can be weighed down by heavy beads and/or crystals
  • Durable

How long do Waist Beads last?

The upkeep and care of your Waist Beads will determine the longevity of each strand. Chontavia always says, "Your Waist Beads are a reflection of how you treat yourself." Meaning if you don't take care of yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally, then the possibility of them popping will be a lot sooner rather than later for you. There are some in our Village who have had the same strands on for 3 years (which is how long we have been open). Know that although we strive to create all strands to be a reflection of how you treat yourself, historically, it has been said once your traditional waist beads pop or break, they have served their spiritual purpose. Please keep in mind that Waist Beads can also break due to normal wear and tear, weight gain or excessive tugging.  

Is there a way to use Colors, Crystals and/or Numbers to align my mindfulness with the practice of wearing Waist Beads?

Beautiful Question! There are layers, so let's break them down together. After reading this through in its entirety, please reach out if you still have questions.

Healing crystals have so many levels to them. On a basic level, crystal healing can provide or help increase a positive flow of energy by decreasing negative energy from the body and the environment around you. In being able to understand how crystals may connect to your energy and vibration, know it may aid in balance and alignment. Some common healing crystals include but are not limited to:

  • Amethyst - Emotional balance, protection and confidence 
  • Aquamarine - Courage, self-expression, calms the mind
  • Citrine - Abundance, creativity and power 
  • Onyx - Assist with grounding and facing shadows
  • Quartz - Harmonizes and balances
  • Rose Quartz - Relationship love, self-love and appreciation
  • Tiger's Eye -  Stimulates taking action and clear decision-making

These among many other healing crystals can be added to your waist bead set to assist in being more intentional with personal goals, whether that be physical body, mind or spirit.

Do certain strands have a specific meaning?

Yes, all strands have a meaning through color association. There is a color description below and also any connection to your 7 energy points, otherwise known as your Chakras. 

Black - Elegance, Power, Protection, Security & Sophistication

Brown - Comfort, Grounding, Honesty, Reliability & Simplicity

Gold - Confidence, Generosity, Inspires, Success & Wealth

Gray - Formality, Neutrality, Reflective & Sophistication

Green (Heart Chakra) - Love, Compassion & Vitality. Affirmation: I Love...

Indigo (Third Eye Chakra) - Intuition & Wisdom. Affirmation: I See...

Light Blue (Throat Chakra) - Calm & Communicative. Affirmation: I Speak...

Orange (Sacral Plexus Chakra) - Sexuality, Creativity. Affirmation: I Feel...

Pink - Delicacy, Femininity, Nurturing, Unconditional Love

Purple (Crown Chaka) - Femininity & Spirituality. Affirmation: I know...

Red (Root Chakra) - Survival, Being, Passion, Family. Affirmation: I Am...

Silver - Intuition, Responsible &Wisdom

White - Completion, Faith, New Beginnings & Purity

Yellow (Solar Plexus Chakra) - Self-esteem, Power. Affirmation: I Can...

As we become mindful of our energy and our connection with self, we can then begin to stabilize and connect with our Chakras. Typically Waist beads sit between the Root, Sacral & the Solar Plexus Chakra, they have a direct correlation with how grounding energy, creativity and self-expression are transferred into self, therefore helping to be more intentional with healing of the mind, body & spirit.

If you feel or have any connection with Numerology, you can utilize the chart below to reference Number and Color Association.

Number  Color Vibrational Energy
1 Light Green The Physical Body
2 Dark Green The Emotions
3 Pink Creativity
4 Black The Material World
5 Yellow Intellect
6 Brown Effectiveness
7 Blue Communication
8 Purple Spirituality
9 White Higher Spirit

If you have any other questions/concerns that are not addressed above, please send us a message.