be you, for you


Types of Waist Beads

Solid Collection

Solid Strands = 1 color strand

Straight and to the point, you select from the colors available or submit a custom form to pick the color that fits for you.

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Charms & Crystal Collection

Our Charms & Crystal Collection is a variety of waistbeads which includes, charms, crystals and/or both for some strands.

For more information about Charms and Crystals, please visit our FAQ page.

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Mix Color Waist Bead

Waist Beads with 2 or more colors. They will reflect the same color and a similar pattern. The colors you see in the picture are the only color options.

If you are interested in using different color combos, please fill out the customize form.

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Bracelet/Necklace Collection

Bracelets and Necklaces made with primarily healing crystals.

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Custom Waist Bead

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A Word From the Founder

Hey beauty,

So grateful for your presence here today. Please make yourself comfortable and browse around the site to see what speaks to you. If you run into any questions, click the small circle on the lower right hand of the screen and chat with me.

I am here to remind you that every inch of you is perfect. As you look at yourself with adornment and confidence because sis, you are it. Know that all of our waist beads are handmade and crafted with creativity for you. To those who are needing that reminder of THEIR freedom, control over THEIR body and respectfully, THEIR individuality. I hold space for you during this time of expnsion.

Hence, Be You, For You.