About C

Getting to know C


Hey yall! How ya’ll doing? My name is Chontavia (C), native of Denver, Colorado. Founder of Be You Wellness, LLC which is the mommy of Be You Waist Beads! I have the pleasure of being a mother to 3 of the most precious little humans, Khaleia, Khalil & Yemaya. I pride myself on my passion for healing through healthy touch (massage therapy), womb healing, fullness of life, healing of the mind, body and spirit and most importantly encouraging you to be comfortable in your skin.

I stepped into realm of being a Waist Bead creator 4 years ago. Opening this chapter of healing through Waist Beads has sparked a joy of encouragement for everyone to embark on the journey of womb healing, body admiration and acknowledgement of self. I find pleasure in reminding you of your beauty, your innocence, the fine tunes and adjustments you have gone through to be here today, which exemplifies your willingness to appreciate and heal your body. As beings of this society we are always on the go and its rare that we take the time to fully admire and bask in our own presence. Wearing waist beads really allows you to learn how to be vulnerable with yourself and the process of healing. No individual is the same, so flourish in these waist beads as you see fit and allow them to speak to you and heal your mind, body and soul.


Mission Statement

At Be You Waist Beads, we are dedicated to providing a sanctuary for self-expression and empowerment through out offerings of body adornment, fostering individual comfort and confidence. We are committed to fostering self-knowledge and facilitating healing within womb space, promoting holistic wellness of the mind, body and spirit. Our mission is to create a safe and inclusive environment where our community can explore and celebrate their unique identities while embarking on transformative journeys of self-discovery and personal growth. 
This goes out to those out there who tend to put yourselves last and having a “healthy” body or figure is THE last thing on our mind! To those who have been blessed and thickened all of their lives, we are here to encourage you to embrace those curves, dips and flips. For our growing seeds who are transitioning into womanhood; teaching you to embrace the skin you are in and allowing your body to just be. Weight gain/loss goals, posture correction or ‘cus that’s yo business,” as Auntie Tabitha would say... I See You.
- Ase